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Empire Down- s/t debut 7" EP

March 15, 2018 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#57

The debut release from EMPIRE DOWN- a new hardcore/streetpunk outfit featuring long tenured members of some of the Midwest's finest groups. Featuring members from Minneapolis and Milwaukee, the sound of EMPIRE DOWN is as cold, hard, and unrelenting as the long winters for which the upper midwest is renowned. With powerful lyrics, driving music, and guest vocals from the like of Matt Henson (Noi!se) and Dan Bull (Victory)- this is as much of a home-run as a band can hit with a debut 7".

Duffy's Cut- Killers on the Dancefloor LP

March 2017 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#54

Duffy's Cut's sophomore 12" release with a full, full-length tracklist. 10 songs of punk rock'n'soul driving straight through your speakers. Play this in any room you're in and everyone gets down- guaranteed.

La Inquisicion "s/t" debut 7" EP

2016 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#52

We are proud to present the debut release of your new favorite band:
Spanish Streetpunk has always fucking ruled. We all love Dez Kontrol and Aggressive Combat and Secret Army and the Gundown etc. etc. etc. Following in the footsteps of these greats we get another uptempo, catchy, anthemic streetpunk group. The songs are sung in Spanish, but the lyric sheet includes the English translations for us simpletons out there.

The Old Firm Casuals "A Butchers Banquet" 12" maxi-EP

June 2016 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#51

"A Butchers Banquet" is the follow up to The Old Firm Casuals barn-burning debut full-length "This Means War." With "A Butchers Banquet," TOFC take their sound to an epic realm with 7 huge songs that further establish the band's place among the international streetpunk elite! The record shows a range of musical influences from Motorhead to AC/DC that makes the songs sound decidedly more rock'n'roll than their previous releases while still coming off as more aggressive and angry than ever before. The lyrics reflect the current bullshit US political climate and indict the white collar criminals and socialite elitists that have put us in such a tailspin. The guitars cut. The bass drives. The drums pound. The vocals grate.


Victory- SOS LP

May 2017 · too many of em... · OTB#50

Here it is- the full length you've been asking for since Victory staked their claim as one of the world's preeminent Oi! bands just a few short years ago. After spreading their early years over five seven-inches, Victory has put together a flawlessly cohesive record that builds on their trademark sound. Abrasive and melodic- "SOS" is a record that will be stuck in your head and left on the turntable.

Oxley's Midnight Runners- The Battle (Singles Collection)

March 2017 · Oi! the Boat (US) Randale (Europe) · OTB#47

When Oxley's Midnight Runners burst onto the scene in 2014, they had a specific vision for the sound and style of the releases that they'd put out. What followed were four EPs- "We Are Legion" "Invasion" "Combat" and "Conquest" that set forth a statement of intent in their titles that the band has borne out in the hard driving American Oi! sound. The EPs sold quick with only the first EP being repressed and extremely limited quantities left available of the latter releases.
In order to keep these timeless tracks available, OTB and Randale have packaged the first four EPs plus the song "American Made" (Oi! Ain't Dead Vol. 5, Rebellion Records) remastered on 12" LP.

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Conquest" 7"

April 28, 2016 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#46

The 4th installment of the debut 7" series from Oxley's Midnight Runners, "CONQUEST" is the culmination of 2 years of meeting together in clandestine locations to bring you some of the best in modern American Oi!
"Conquest" is a 2 song conclusion and exclamation point to a series of EPs that features some of the most poignant oi! music for our modern political climate. "We Are Legion," "Invasion," and "Combat" have established Oxley's Midnight Runners as a uniquely identifiable band that the experience in the tenured line-up all but guarantees. With "Conquest," OMR gives you two more tracks that cut through the banal bullshit that the street punk scene all too often gets caught up in. With songs centered on perseverance and overcoming those who worship power, "Conquest" offers a brilliant conclusion to Oxley's Midnight Runners debut 7" series.

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Combat" 7"

December 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#45

First they formed the Legion, then they prepared for Invasion, now the boys are back and Combat ready!
"Combat" the newest 7" EP from the veritable Oi! super group that is OXLEY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS brings the steadfast approach that you've come to expect with some added drive now that Jesus from The Warlords is pushing the tempo behind the kit.
This 7" comes out at a perfect time as douchebag nutjobs are playing toward the idiots fears and insecurities on the national political stage, leading off with the song "We've Been Trumped" guess what piece of shit that one's about... the second song on the record comes out pounding with tempo and juice as the chorus of "War Cries" will have everyone instantly hooked. In grand tradition of OMR's releases-- the title track "Combat" stands alone on the other song of the record. If there was ever any question where OMR stands on the issues that plague our scene, this oughta set the record straight the fuck out (the guitar work on this song isn't to be ignored either!)

Hard Evidence/Dog Company split 7"

Fall 2015? · Oi! the Boat/Cadre · OTB#44

Oi! the Boat and Cadre Records are proud to bring you two of the best American Streetpunk bands on one split 7". In the last couple years both of these bands have delivered to amazing full-length releases. Hard Evidence burst onto the scene in 2014 with "Last One Standing," a catchy, driving record with big guitars and a grit that so many bands only chase after. That same year Dog Company released "War Stories," their latest release and many would argue best release to date. Frontman Joe Blow's vocal range and melodies have long been known to the scene, but that release captured the band's strength at simple song-writing while delivering straight up punk rock'n'roll better than most anything we've heard in the scene for years.
Why the history lesson? This is both bands' first release since those gems, and they pick up right where they left off! Both 'Ard Ev and Dog Co. are bands to have in your permanent rotation and this split is sure to get play. Blast it!

Assault & Battery "All the Shades of Truth" LP

May 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Rebellion · OTB#43

"All the Shades of Truth," is the debut full length from Beer City's best and it's so fucking spot on that you should just send the rest of your records on vacation for the next several months. Hitting on every angle in streetpunk, Oi!, and hardcore during the record-- A&B have delivered one of those rare records that you'll be enjoying for years.

Anger Flares/Bad Engrish split 7"

Spring 2015 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#42

Rife with aggression. Tokyo's Anger Flares and Denver's Bad Engrish team up for this hard, fast streetpunk record. So you're a punk? Buy it!

Duffy's Cut/Idle Gossip split 7"

10/26/2015 · Oi! the Boat/Contra · OTB#41

Groove and Power. That's what we expect from Duffy's Cut and The Idle Gossip and holy hell do they deliver! This release is Oi! the Boat's first co-release with Contra Records and it took both of our labels to fully support the big beat delivered on these 4 tracks (2 per band). Add in the classic throw-back 45 packaging and you're getting a record that begs to be danced to so cut a rug already god dammit!


May 2015 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#40

When a legend like Garry Bushell asks you to team up and showcase some of today's best new Oi! groups, there's only one answer. He's the guy who decided to call it "Oi!," right?
By teaming up with Garry's new quarterly music publication, STREET SOUNDS MAGAZINE, we are able to bring you a great affordable compilation featuring some of today's best new bands from around the world-- plus a few established groups re-emerging.

This compilation is released in the spirit of the timeless cheap punk compilation CD. Listen to the shit out of it then give it to a kid.

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Invasion" 7"

February 24, 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#39

Hot on the heels of their first 7", OXLEY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS clandestinely met in the dessert to bring you yet another shit-kicking Oi! 7"! Invasion comes at you with all of the power and bite of the first single, but also offers more of a rock'n'roll base with the first track exclamation "I'm a Runner" to the stand-alone clincher "Land of Gold." A must have for all true Oi! fans.

Justice Blocc - Justice Blocc EP

Aug 8 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#38

Justice Blocc's debut EP

Digital Release date: Aug 9, 2014
Vinyl Release date: Fall 2014

The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" LP (12"/CD)

July 29, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records U.S., Randale Records DE · OTB#37 / RAN202

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut LP from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS! Vinyl available from Oi! the Boat in the USA with the Wolf cover and in Germany from Randale with the Cobra cover. CD version with Wolf cover only from Oi! the Boat and Randale.

Cliches/Victory "A Smokin' Split" 7"

December 15 2014 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#36

This record was a long time in the works. They can't all come out smoothly...
Two of today's premier Oi! bands come together on this split 7". With equal doses of sentimentality and bite-- this record has two sides that speak to the undeniable longevity of the skinhead lifestyle. 1969? 2014? Who gives a shit? Grab a pint and spin this record!

Brass Tacks/Virgin Whores "Off the Top Rope" 7"

August 2015 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#35

Coming to you now, we present two of the Midwest's best bands, bringing you some of their first new material in quite a while. The BRASS TACKS have been around since the mid-90s and you've been singing along with their face-smashing songs ever since. Maybe you thought they'd slow down in their old age? Wrong! "Fight to Win" and "Addicted to Violence" come to you with all of the fury and passion you know from the classics.
On the flip side we feature the Virgin Whores from Minneapolis. Maybe you're not familiar with them, but you will be! Both tracks on this record are pure street punk gold, and the tune "Locked and Loaded" has an infectious chorus that will stick with you for days on end.

The Old Firm Casuals "Perry Boys"

July 4, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records US / Randale Records DE · OTB#34

"Perry Boys" b/w "Watford Tuxedo". 2 song 45 RPM 7" limited to 500 total copies leading up to the Old Firm Casuals long awaited and heavily anticipated proper debut LP "This Means War"
250 White cover art copies on black vinyl at Oi! the Boat
250 Black cover art copies on black vinyl at Randale Records

VOi!CE of America Vol. 4 EP

July 4, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#33

This completes our 4 part jaunt around the USA. Complete your collection and spend weeks attempting to put together the 4 piece puzzle created by the covers from volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4!

This time around we have HARD EVIDENCE from St. Louis, Texans CONCRETE and SNIPER 66, along with Die Trying! from the streets of MIAmi, Florida!

Hooligan "Criminal Damage"


Sophomore offering from Dublin's punk rock stalwarts, HOOLIGAN. Four tracks of the classic punk rock sound that you'd expect from these veterans of the scene. It bites like an Upstarts record from the opening guitar line and that probably has more than a little to do with the line-up of musicians on this record. Backing him up on this release, HOOLIGAN frontman guitar/vox David Linehan has Tony Van Frater (Cockney Rejects) on bass/guitar, with Decca Wade and Nick Buck (original and latter Angelic Upstarts) splitting drum duties. Produced by Mond Crowie (Angelic Upstarts) and Decca Wade. These are four songs that are built on a solid framework of punk rock longevity and to quote Mr. Linehan, "The result sounds class." Yes it does!

Oxley's Midnight Runners "We are Legion" EP

May 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#31

Featuring Mike from the Fatskins, Dave and Jeff from 90 Proof and Lars from the Old Firm Casuals/Rancid- this 7" offers three tracks of brilliantly understated American Oi! that will command center stage on your turntable's rotation. The songs are as poignant as they are catchy, "NJimation of Hate" laments the socio-economic apathy turned tacit cruelty in modern society. "Spear of Destiny" is centered on the mythical 'holy lance.' The focus is not only the lore affixed to holy relics, but the atrocities that humanity have been compelled to carry out under the veil of their significance. The record closes on the AA side with the title track, "We Are Legion," a song with chilling guitars and a big beat that demands the the listener to look into the darker parts of humanity and themselves. The title track draws deep on the stark disparities of the human condition and will leave everyone who hears it screaming, "WE ARE LEGION!"

Anger Flares

April 19 · OTB#30

Tokyo Calling! This selection of 4 songs from ANGER FLARES debut CD, "On the Street Again" (self-released, Japan), gives listeners a taste of some of the best music they've been missing from across the world. ANGER FLARES sound has a sharp edge that will leave listeners reminded of bands like King Size Braces and Agnostic Front. Former members of COBRA.

Only 285 Copies made



DUFFY'S CUT- 12" and CD
Oi! the Boat is proud to introduce Philadelphia's DUFFY'S CUT. As soon as we heard Duffy's Cut's demo, we were hooked. The sound is British invasion and Motown with broken glass and baseball bats. It sounds like what I imagine would have happened if the hard mods and skinheads of the late 60s would have stepped off the dance floor and on to the stage. If the Small Faces had big boots, they may have sounded this way. In case my description is shit: Duffy's Cut sounds like a band of punks and skins who's record collection is as broad as it is deep. They manage to wear their American soul, Brit invasion, punk and Oi! influences on their sleeve while, somehow, creating a sound that is as unique as it is infectious. As a bit of trivia, you might recognize some of DUFFY'S CUT from their previous bands (The Boils, Super Hi-Five, Bad Idea, Cranked Up! and Violent Society).



You wanted it, you got it. Two of the Midwest's premier Oi! bands go toe-to-toe on this release from OTB. MPLS vs. Midway. Four tracks that fans around the Midwest have had a preview of for the last few months at shows. Gaze upon this release, ye mighty, and rejoice.


Brick Fight
R.T.R (Stomp those Nazis!)