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The Slads "Tough Times" Cassette

January 2024 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#66

THE SLADS second release.

Dark Skies
Future Insanity
Panic Attack
A Thousand Lives

100 Black Cassettes with Yellow Cover. Art by Jeff Poleon.

Béton Armé "Au Bord Du Gouffre" 12" EP

October 2020 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#65

Debut 4 song release from Montreal's Béton Armé.

Pressing Information
OTB Version:
250 Single Sided 12" with screen printed blank side. Red Cover. #1-10 are blank on the B side.

2nd Press: the band copies.
75 copies hand numbered Blue Cover. B1-B75 on leftover color vinyl

Au Bord Du Gouffre
La Vie

Concrete Elite "Absolute Guard" 12" Maxi EP

February 2020 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#64

CONCRETE ELITE 2020, 6-song Maxi EP.

Pressing Information
First pressing is 500 copies total. All the records are single-sided 12" with screen printed B-side. The sleeves are reverse-board printed with metallic silver ink and the inserts are printed on thick eco paper.
The breakdown is as follows:
Rebellion Copies:
350 Black/Silver Splatter Vinyl
OTB Copies:
150 Black Vinyl

Maximum Force
Death Comes Knocking
Knife Edge
2000 Tons

Televised Suicide S/T 12" LP

November 2019 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#63

Televised Suicide. Debut and only LP. Lafayette, IN.

Pressing Information
28 copies on black and blue vinyl. Hand numbered #1-28
190 copies on copies on Black vinyl. Hand Numbered #29-218

100 CDs were made...

Tummins 2 (Get Away)
Budd Dwyer
Lone Starved
Tummins 3 (Iraq)
Siren Song
Tummins 1 (Your Death)
Trail of Death
Tummins 4 (Parasite)
Get Gone

The New York Hounds "God Bless the Royal Hounds" Multiple Pressings

June 2019 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#62

The NY Hounds (formerly the Royal Hounds). Debut 7 song maxi EP.

Pressing Information
First Press:
34 test press copies. screen printed fold-over covers. hand numbered. 22 sold at May 18, 2019 Last Rights show in Boston.
330 Black Vinyl- Americas (OTB)
220 White Vinyl- Europe (Contra)
All covers white.

2nd Press:
250 Copies on Black Vinyl- OTB Yellow Cover
250 Copies on Black Vinyl- Contra Blue Cover

3rd Press:
600 copies on Black Vinyl with Olive Green Cover
Split release between OTB, Ruckus Records and Hubby Gang.

Heading Out
Baby I Hope They Remember Me
I Live For This
Just A Dog Thing
I Just Wanna Live This Way
Love Lost Night
Wine Drunk Lover

Brassknuckle Boys "Five on One" 7" EP

March 2019 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#59

BKB 4 song 7". Featuring the 2017-19ish Lexington lineup.

Pressing Information
100 black vinyl
200 white vinyl

Five on One
Blank Mind
Bad Memories

LVGER Debut 12" Maxi EP

March 2019 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#61

LVGER debut release. NYC heavy outfit.

Pressing Information
110 smoke vinyl
170 black vinyl

You Wanna Run
Dumb Love
Evil Eye
Feel No Pain
Drop The Ace
The Match

The Press "Torch" 7" EP

9/14/2018 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#58



Factory Press
Morning Light

Pressing Info:
First Pressing: 300 Total 7" Records:
200 Orange Vinyl
100 Black Vinyl

Empire Down- s/t debut 7" EP

March 15, 2018 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#57

The debut release from EMPIRE DOWN.

Duffy's Cut- Killers on the Dancefloor LP

March 2017 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#54

Duffy's Cut's second LP/first full length. Kind of a great area.

La Inquisicion "s/t" debut 7" EP

2016 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#52

Debut release of LA INQUISICION. Barcelona.

The Old Firm Casuals "A Butchers Banquet" 12" maxi-EP

June 2016 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#51

"A Butchers Banquet" is the follow up to The Old Firm Casuals debut full-length "This Means War."

Pressing Information
1st Press:
1000 12" - white vinyl with red splatter, white type on red lyric sheet
1000 CDs

2nd Press:
1000 12" - red vinyl with white splatter, red type on white lyric sheet

God and Guns
Entitled Generation
Break Out
Butchers Banquet
Killing Time
Noddy Holder

Victory- SOS LP

May 2017 · too many of em... · OTB#50

Victory's debut Full Length. Twin Cities.

Pressing Information
100 Black
250 White/Blue Swirl
250 Blue ***Oi! the Boat version
400 Blue w/ White Splatter

Bled Out
True Breed
A Piss and a Whisper
Cut Throat
Frank's Song
Enemy of the State
Silver Bayonet
The Crew
Midwest Unrest
Two Faced
One Last Chance

Oxley's Midnight Runners- The Battle (Singles Collection)

March 2017 · Oi! the Boat (US) Randale (Europe) · OTB#47

OMR Singles collection feature all four first EPs plus the song "American Made" (Oi! Ain't Dead Vol. 5, Rebellion Records). Remastered on 12" LP.

Pressing Information
500 black vinyl
250 red vinyl
250 white vinyl

Midnight Runner
War Cries
Nation Of Hate
Land Of Gold
American Made
We've Been Trumped
Abbas The Great
Spear Of Destiny
Don't Give Up The Fight
We Are Legion

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Conquest" 7"

April 28, 2016 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#46

No. 4 of 4 in the the debut 7" series from Oxley's Midnight Runners.

Pressing Information
500 Red/White/Blue Tri-Color Vinyl
500 Beer Vinyl

Dont Give Up The Fight

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Combat" 7"

December 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#45

3 of 4 in the debut 7" series from Oxley's Midnight Runners.

Pressing Information
500 Camo Splatter Vinyl
500 Olive/Army Green Vinyl

Weve Been Trumped
War Cries

Hard Evidence/Dog Company split 7"

Fall 2015? · Oi! the Boat/Cadre · OTB#44

Split 7" featuring Hard Evidence (St. Louis) and Dog Company (Dallas).

Pressing Information
1st Press:
400 Black
100 Yellow
** Fun easter egg, the dog company songs are listed in reverse order on the labels and back-sleeve of this press.

Guilty of Nothing
I Wanna Know

Assault & Battery "All the Shades of Truth" LP

May 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Rebellion · OTB#43

"All the Shades of Truth," is the debut full length from Assault & Battery. Beer City's Best.

Pressing Information
100x black
200x ultra clear (Rebellion version)
200x cyan blue (Oi! the Boat version)
17x testpressing

Shades Of Truth
Fight & Win
Drug War
Searching for the Answer
Three On The Floor
One Thing Left
No Difference
Set 'Em Straight
Bay View Tragedy
No Hope
Stories From The Past

Anger Flares/Bad Engrish split 7"

Spring 2015 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#42

Anger Flares (Japan)/Bad Engrish (Denver).

Pressing Information
300 Red
100 White
100 Black

Duffy's Cut/Idle Gossip split 7"

10/26/2015 · Oi! the Boat/Contra · OTB#41

Oi! the Boat's first co-release with Contra Records and it took both of our labels to fully support the big beat delivered on these 4 tracks (2 per band).


May 2015 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#40

When a legend like Garry Bushell asks you to team up and showcase some of today's best new Oi! groups, there's only one answer. He's the guy who decided to call it "Oi!," right?
By teaming up with Garry's new quarterly music publication, STREET SOUNDS MAGAZINE, we are able to bring you a great affordable compilation featuring some of today's best new bands from around the world-- plus a few established groups re-emerging.

This compilation is released in the spirit of the timeless cheap punk compilation CD. Listen to the shit out of it then give it to a kid.

Oxley's Midnight Runners "Invasion" 7"

February 24, 2015 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#39

2 of 4 in the debut 7" series from Oxley's Midnight Runners.

Justice Blocc - Justice Blocc EP

Aug 8 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#38

Justice Blocc's debut EP

Digital Release date: Aug 9, 2014
Vinyl Release date: Fall 2014

The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" LP (12"/CD)

July 29, 2014 · Oi! the Boat Records U.S., Randale Records DE · OTB#37 / RAN202

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut LP from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS! Vinyl available from Oi! the Boat in the USA with the Wolf cover and in Germany from Randale with the Cobra cover. CD version with Wolf cover only from Oi! the Boat and Randale.

Cliches/Victory "A Smokin' Split" 7"

December 15 2014 · Oi! the Boat/Randale · OTB#36

This record was a long time in the works. They can't all come out smoothly...
Two of today's premier Oi! bands come together on this split 7". With equal doses of sentimentality and bite-- this record has two sides that speak to the undeniable longevity of the skinhead lifestyle. 1969? 2014? Who gives a shit? Grab a pint and spin this record!