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VOi!CE of America Vol. 3 V/A EP (7")


Volume 3 of the wildly popular VOi!CE of America 7 inch series is here! This round we take a look at the best in American Oi! from the north eastern quadrant of the USA... Oi! the Boat Headquarters is located smack dab in this quadrant- right in the MIDWEST- and you might notice that we barely had to leave our backyard to fills both sides of this installment!

We start with midwest Oi! veterans THE BRASS TACKS! The Wisconsin thug-n-roll darlings are back and they definitely didn't opt to answer our call for new music from them by relying on their name and slapping together some unmemorable crap. Instead they built on their past sound and delivered what may just be their best music yet. If their opening track on this EP doesn't have you off your lazy-boy and at-the-ready to smash some sorry son of a bitch, you are going to want to go ahead and trade-in your docs for a casket or, at a minimum, some fuzzy slippers and a drink with parasol. If the BRASS TACKS weren't already long-ago permanently and irrevocably inducted in the American Oi! hall of fame, this track would put them there. GRIND EM DOWN!!!!!!

Next up, we head west to the TWIN CITIES to catch up with VICTORY. Their debut EP "Laced Up" was 2013's Oi shot-heard-round-the world, and their follow-up TWIN CITIES EP was hot on Laced Up's heels to show the world that VICTORY is no one-pump-chump. As if there was any doubt in anyone's mind, "MIDWEST UNREST" shows, once again, that VICTORY is unstoppable. This is an absolutely outstanding punk rock anthem about America's oi and punk rock heartland.

From Minnesota, we head back to Wisconsin stopping in the city that brought you Laverne, Shirley and hundreds of millions of gallons of BEER to pick up ASSAULT AND BATTERY. If you are from outside the current hotbed of American punk and oi, this may be the first you've heard of them. Their effort on VOi!CE of America Volume 3 ensures it won't be last.

Finally, we sail west on Lake Michigan and then portage The Boat named Oi! overland to DETROIT to catch up with Motor City's BAD ASSETS. As if filling this EP with 4 bands from the midwest and Victory inciting a flyover country riot with MIDWEST UNREST weren't enough, the Assets force thousands of rust-and-bible-belt fists sharply into the air with 4 simple words: MIDWEST, FUCK THE REST!!!!

Die Trying! "Die Trying!" 7"


Brick Assassin - "Chicago Brick Crew" (7")


Voi!ce of America Vol. 2

5/31/2013 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#24

Round 2! This time the upper left quadrant of the US delivers sounds from NOi!SE, THE SHAME, 99 BOTTLES and THE BAD ENGRISH- THIS IS THE VOi!CE OF AMERICA!!!

Victory "Twin Cities" EP

5/31/2013 · Oi! the Boat · OTB#23

OTB#22 The Old Firm Casuals "For the Love of It All..." DoubleLP / CD

April 27, 2013 · Oi! the Boat / Randale · OTB#22

24 tracks of brilliance!

OTB#21 Victory "Laced Up" 2nd Pressing

3/21/2013 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#21 2nd

1st press sold out in the first 2 hours of presale! 2nd press came out with a new cover soon thereafter!

Victory "Laced Up"

2/22//2013 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#21

VOi!CE of America Vol. 1 EP

2012 · OTB#20

Vol 1 of the VOiCE of America 7" series.

This installment features bands from the south western quadrant of the USA:


Cold Feelings "American Industry" LP

2013 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#19


Hooligan 'No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs' ep

2012 · OTB#18

December 2012

Stomper 98 / Brassknuckle Boys

2012 · OTB#17

These Inside Jokes Are Killing Me

2012 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#16

Rare and Unreleased Material
330 Black Vinyl
220 White Vinyl

Peter & the Test Tube Babies / PennyCocks split ep

2012 · OTB#15

The Old Firm Casuals - Army Of One 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#14

OTB#14 in December

NOi!SE / GESTALTS split 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#13

OTB#13 NOi!SE / GESTALTS split 7".

Oi! the Sampler Vol 1 (MP3 only 14 song sampler)

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB-PROMO-1

Available for free! Go get it!!

Unit Six - "Infection" 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#12

OTB#12 Unit Six - "Infection" 7 inch.

250 white vinyl in black cover
250 black vinyl in white cover

Last Resort / The Old Firm Casuals - Split DOUBLE 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#11

Armed Suspects / Broken Heroes - "For the Punks and Skins"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#10

OTB#10 Armed Suspects / Broken Heroes - "For the Punks and Skins" 12" vinyl and Mp3

500 copies total (100 black, 100 yellow, 150 red, 150 coke bottle)

2nd Edition - The Old Firm Casuals S/T 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#9 2nd

2nd Edition/Repress of our debut TOFC release from earlier in 2011. New cover, new vinyl colors.

The Old Firm Casuals S/T 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#9

First pressing of just over 1900 copies sold out (100 yellow, 150 blue/black, rest black). Second pressing different cover, colors, tbd.

Minivans - "Shake My Shakes Away" 7"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#8

500 pressed (100 on yellow in a special 4 flap chipboard box case, 100 green and 300 black... all packaging hand screen printed).

2nd Edition Perkele "Punk Rock Army"

2011 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#7 2nd

Repress/2nd edition of our 2010 release by Perkele. Updated cover art, new vinyl colors.

Perkele "Punk Rock Army" 7"

2010 · Oi! the Boat Records · OTB#7

OTB#7 Perkele "Punk Rock Army" 7"
1st Pressing in 2010. 100 yellow, 200 blue, 300 black
2nd Pressing in 2011. New Jackets. More info tba