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Justice Blocc - Justice Blocc EP (advance digital release!) OTB#38

Oi! the Boat is very excited to announce our newest addition to the the label. JUSTICE BLOCC from Colorado Springs, CO, have just signed on with Oi! the Boat!

We'll be releasing their debut EP on vinyl this spring, but due to their upcoming US tour and appearance at BCBS's 2000 Tons of TNT in Connecticut, WE DECIDED TO RELEASE THE DIGITAL VERSION OF THEIR DEBUT EP early! How early? Get it RIGHT NOW for $2.50 below!!!

Download it now, well ahead of the official release for only $2.50, or name your own price over $2.50!!

Pressing Information

Digital Release: Aug. 9, 2014
Vinyl slated for Fall 2014.


  1. It's Nothing New
  2. 86'd
  3. Time