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Televised Suicide "S/T" 12" LP OTB#63

Televised Suicide is a time capsule of life in a nowhere town in middle America circa 2017-2018. The songs are written by two members and sung by each respective writer. The tunes focus on everything from the perils of living down the street to a dive bar you can't stay out of to life on the front lines of Operation "Shock and Awe" with plenty of self-effacing love loss in between. Admittedly, since this writer played in the band it's difficult to self-promote lest one feels to self-congratulatory, BUT folks that have dug this record have compared the sound to bands like Leatherface, Whiskey Rebels, GC5, and Candy Snatchers. Let's hope we came close to even one of those legends.

at the time of posting the embedded video has 4 thumbs down and zero thumbs up so maybe it's garbage. I'm too close to argue!

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Pressing Information

28 copies on black and blue vinyl. Hand numbered #1-28
190 copies on copies on Black vinyl. Hand Numbered #29-218

100 CDs were made...


  1. Kathy
  2. Tummins 2 (Get Away)
  3. Budd Dwyer
  4. Lone Starved
  5. Tummins 3 (Iraq)
  6. Siren Song
  7. Halo
  8. Ouroboros
  9. Tummins 1 (Your Death)
  10. Trail of Death
  11. Tummins 4 (Parasite)
  12. Get Gone
  13. Televised