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The New York Hounds "God Bless The Royal Hounds" 12" 2nd Press Sold Out- 3rd Press Coming!!! OTB#62

Feb 25,2021 Update: 3rd Press in the works, sign up to be notified!!!!

Proudly presenting "God Bless the Royal Hounds". The debut release from The New York Hounds (offers that classic Oi! Oi! sound with a romantic, dualing guitar and bass attack that you won't be able to shake once it's in your head. We are all wine drunk lovers now!

Heading Out
Baby I Hope They Remember Me
I Live For This
Just A Dog Thing
I Just Wanna Live This Way
Love Lost Night
Wine Drunk Lover

This item isn't currently available.

Pressing Information

First Press:
34 test press copies. screen printed fold-over covers. hand numbered. 22 sold at May 18, 2019 Last Rights show in Boston.
330 Black Vinyl- Americas (OTB)
220 White Vinyl- Europe (Contra)

2nd Press:
250 Copies on Black Vinyl- OTB Only


  1. Heading Out
  2. Baby I Hope They Remember Me
  3. I Live For This
  4. Just A Dog Thing
  5. I Just Wanna Live This Way
  6. Love Lost Night
  7. Wine Drunk Lover
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