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Duffy's Cut "Killers on the Dance Floor" LP/CD

Duffy's Cut's second offering with 10 songs of mod, soul, and rock&roll brilliance on their latest release. Packed with a wondering landscape of songs- this is an album your going to keep coming back to for years, with the well always delivering.

Pressing Information

First Run:
400 Black Vinyl
200 Bone w/ Red Splatter
310 CDs
29 lathe-cut singles of "The Judge"


  1. Feeling Alright
  2. Killers On The Dance Floor
  3. She Don't Dance
  4. Long Con
  5. Strawberry Mansion Nights
  6. Fade To Olive Drab
  7. Keep It Moving
  8. The Judge
  9. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
  10. A Tree Grows In Fishtown
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