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Oxley's Midnight Runners "Conquest" 7"


The 4th installment of the debut 7" series from Oxley's Midnight Runners, "CONQUEST" is the culmination of 2 years of meeting together in clandestine locations to bring you some of the best in modern American Oi!
"Conquest" is a 2 song conclusion and exclamation point to a series of EPs that features some of the most poignant oi! music for our modern political climate. "We Are Legion," "Invasion," and "Combat" have established Oxley's Midnight Runners as a uniquely identifiable band that the experience in the tenured line-up all but guarantees. With "Conquest," OMR gives you two more tracks that cut through the banal bullshit that the street punk scene all too often gets caught up in. With songs centered on perseverance and overcoming those who worship power, "Conquest" offers a brilliant conclusion to Oxley's Midnight Runners debut 7" series.

A: Don't Give Up the Fight
AA: Vengeance

Pressing Information

500 Red/White/Blue Tri-Color Vinyl
500 Beer Vinyl


  1. Dont Give Up The Fight
  2. Vengeance