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Brass Tacks/Virgin Whores "Off the Top Rope" 7"

Coming to you now, we present two of the Midwest's best bands, bringing you some of their first new material in quite a while. The BRASS TACKS have been around since the mid-90s and you've been singing along with their face-smashing songs ever since. Maybe you thought they'd slow down in their old age? Wrong! "Fight to Win" and "Addicted to Violence" come to you with all of the fury and passion you know from the classics.
On the flip side we feature the Virgin Whores from Minneapolis. Maybe you're not familiar with them, but you will be! Both tracks on this record are pure street punk gold, and the tune "Locked and Loaded" has an infectious chorus that will stick with you for days on end.

Buy this record, it won't leave your turn table for quite some time.

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