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Niblick Henbane "…And We Fall" CD

New Jersey has boasted it's share of great Oi! bands over the years, but perhaps none of them had the tenure or tenacity of NIBLICK HENBANE. Starting in the late 80's, NIBLICK HENBANE pumped out tons of gritty east coast Oi! and we're pumped to have this CD which documents their early singles, demos, and live recordings. Grab this CD and get yourself a history lesson!


1990: NJ Oi!
1 We Don't Want To Play
2 Future
3 Danny's Song
4 Tallahassee Lassie
1991: What's Your Deal
5 From You
6 Andy Bought A Gun
7 What's Your Deal
8 Angel
1993: Land Of The Brave
9 Hoodlum
10 America
11 Life Over The Edge
12 Henry
1988: NJ And You (Compilation)
13 Fair Odds
1988: Fuck You Get Drunk Go Die (Demo)
14 Going Down The Bar
15 Icy Cold
16 First Song
1991: Headache Session (Demo)
17 All You've Earned
1988: Demo
18 And We Fall
19 Hippy Nightmare
20 Beethoven 88
1987: Dirt Club (Live)
21 Grief I Don't Need
22 Mommy's Boy
1987: WFMU (Live)
23 Public Menace

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