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Oi! the Sampler Vol 3. FREE!! OTB#Sampler3

15 tracks from our recent and upcoming releases. Click above to download for FREE (or if you feel the need, add a tip for the OTB fridge fund).
Absolutely FREE!!!

Track List and info:

1. "79th & Biscayne" by Die Trying!. From the Miami band's self-titled debut EP on Oi! the Boat, available on 7" vinyl with download or download only from Oi! the Boat. Check out the band and find their EP on their official Oi! the Boat band page at

2. "Apocalypse Redux" by San Francisco's The Old Firm Casuals from their "debut" LP entitled THIS MEANS WAR on Oi! the Boat. You can find the band, this vinyl, cd, or download and more on their official OTB band page at:

3. "Brick Fight" by Chicago's Brick Assassin. Find the band and their releases on their official OTB band page, here:

4. "It's Nothing New" from the debut EP by Colorado Springs JUSTICE BLOCC. Their debut self-titled EP on Oi! the Boat, slated for vinyl release in the fall of 2014, was made available to stream and download during the Summer of 2014! Get it now and check out the band, their releases and tour dates at their official OTB band page at:

5. "Persecution Complex" by Philadelphia's Duffy's Cut. Taken from their debut CD / LP. Find the band and their releases on their official OTB band page at:

6. "Blind" from St.Paul/Minneapolis Oi! powerhouse VICTORY's split with Brick assassin. Find their releases and more about the band at

7. "Criminal Damage" by Dublin's HOOLIGAN. Find this track on their second EP from Oi! the Boat and more on their official OTB Band Page:

8. "Bled Dry" from Hard Evidence (St. Louis). This track comes from the 4th installment of our VOi!CE of AmericA EP series. Find it here:

9. "Oi! is..." by Denver's THE BAD ENGRISH, taken from our second installment of our VOi!CE of AmericA 7" series. Find it here:

10. "Made to Pay" by Lafayette Indiana's THE GESTALTS. Though not officially released through Oi! the Boat, this track appears on the band's self-released and self-titled 9 track CD (as well as their Randale Records debut EP "Bloodshot Eyes". This track features Matt Henson of Noi!se contributing his familiar voice as well as lyrics for the second verse. Oi! the Boat Records co-owners/co-janitors are co-guitar players in the Gestalts. Find their/our releases and more info at the bands official Oi! the Boat band page here:

11. "On the Streets Again" taken from Tokyo's ANGER FLARES' self-titled EP on Oi! the Boat Records. Find it here:

12. "Grind 'em Down" by Madison, Wisconsin's kings of American Oi! THE BRASS TACKS. This track comes from the third installment of our VOi!CE of AmericA 7" vinyl series. Watch out in the fall of 2014 for a split 7" as well as a new compilation featuring the Brass Tacks, both here on Oi! the Boat. You can find Voi!ce Of AmericA vol 3 right here:

13: "Cradle To The Grave" by Minneapolis/St.Paul's Virgin Whores. This track will appear on a split on Oi! the Boat this fall! Keep an eye out at

14. Last Of the Gang to Die by Austin TX hard-nails Oi belter's CONCRETE. This track comes from the 4th installment of our VOi!CE of AmericA 7" series available here:

15. "We Are Legion" from Oxley's Midnight Runner's debut EP on Oi! the Boat. Great new Oi! band featuring current or previous members of FATSKINS, 90 Proof and The Old Firm Casuals! Their debut EP sold out, but we hope to have more from them in the near future!

Thanks for checking out our free sampler! Send your friends here, play this loud for your friends, listeners, neighbors and detractors! We hope you love this as much as we do! Please support the bands! Go follow them online, even more importantly GO SEE THEM PLAY when they come within a few hours drive or ride!

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