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The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" LP / German release! RAN202

***This is the Randale version released in Germany! We picked up a limited number to offer here in the states!***

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut LP from THE OLD FIRM CASUALS is is here!

The Old Firm Casuals (Lars Frederiksen, Casey Watson, and Paul Rivas), who have delivered an impressive series of EPs at a feverish pace since their inception, have now released their debut full length- THIS MEANS WAR!

"Released" doesn't do this record justice. "Released" might make you think that The Old Firm Casuals got together and recorded another dozen or so great songs. It might make you think their debut LP is merely the next step for The Old Firm Casuals. While we were all focused on each impressive step of the band's all-out sprint since Oi! the Boat first delivered them to the shore, The Old Firm Casuals had their eyes locked on something on the horizon. While we would have been content to watch them run forever, they were not running for the sake of running. They had somewhere they wanted-or needed to be. They had a predestined purpose for the momentum they worked hard to build.

"This Mean War" is like the adrenaline soaked battle cry of a band smashing through the shield wall and unleashing what they prepared during a long voyage spent honing, preparing, and anticipating this moment.

"This Means War" is a declaration- The Old Firm Casuals have arrived.

Highly Recommended.

ships in about 1.5 weeks

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RAN202 (Randale Records).

Includes instant digital download