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VOi!CE of America Vol. 2 EP *BACK IN PRINT!! OTB#24

Round 2! This time the upper left quadrant of the US delivers sounds from NOi!SE, THE SHAME, 99 BOTTLES and THE BAD ENGRISH- THIS IS THE VOi!CE OF AMERICA!!!

Includes free digital download of all four songs ripped DIRECTLY FROM THE VINYL upon paid checkout!

Don't forget to grab volume 1 and 3 if you haven't already. Total of 4 on the way!

Don't forget to grab the new VICTORY "Twin Cities" EP that goes on sale the same day!!!!

Pressing Information

Pressed in the midwessed. kinda. or the south. your choice. not really your choice. made in merka, we mean.
First Press: 200 black 100 yellow
*** back in print on black vinyl!****

Release date May 31st 2013.
Sold out May 31st 2013