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2nd PRESS: VICTORY "Twin Cities" 7" EP OTB#23

Hot off the heels of their break out EP 'Laced Up', Victory has returned with a second slab of wax etched with pure, razor sharp midwest American Oi!

If you've been under a rock of for the last few months- Victory exploded out of Minneapolis through their LACED UP ep on Oi! the Boat back in February- selling out of their highly anticipated debut in 90 minutes flat. Soon, people outside the upper midwest will get to experience them live at (and on the road to) fests like "2000 TONS OF TNT" in connecticut and "FUCK YOU WE RULE, OK!" in Tulsa. At least one of us at Oi! the Boat lost his voice for a couple days due to their set at the BEER CITY BENDER in Milwaukee.

Do yourself a favor- grab this ep (and shirt!) as soon as you can- before it's too late!

PREORDER STARTED MAY 10th and release is just a couple weeks later!!! Don't forget to grab volume 2 of VOi!CE of America VOi!CE of America (goes on sale the same day) featuring NOi!SE, THE SHAME, THE BAD ENGRISH and 99 BOTTLES!!!!

Choose the record only or record and your shirt size below. If your shirt size (between small and xl is sold out below, then select the 'name your size' and email us with size... please only use this if your size is sold out!)... if all shirts are sold out, they are all sold out!

Pressing Information

300 hand numbered black vinyl 7 inch EPs.
Side A: Built to Last
Side B: Spirit Within

350 Pressed for Under 1 Flag singles series, uniform packaging for series.

250 black vinyl with different center label. Black on Black cover