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The Old Firm Casuals "For the Love of it All" 2xLP OTB#22

Back in late 2010, we started talking to Lars, Casey and Paul about their new band "The Old Firm Casuals". On April 22nd 2011, we released their debut EP here on Oi! the Boat and they've been recording and playing shows in the US and Europe relentlessly ever since.

In this time they've managed to write and record enough awesome songs to fill a very strong and cohesive double LP. All their singles, save their debut ep, were pulled from the collection that are presented here between the covers of this gatefold LP. It is a collection of all the songs from all the EPs except the debut!!

24 Tracks!!! Download card is included with the vinyl!

Pressing Information

Gatefold Double LP (OTB and Randale each pressed100 gray, 400 black)
6 Panel Digipak
Oi! the Boat Records / Randale Records co-release
Download card included with vinyl

2nd: Pressing 500 copies on all white vinyl
3rd Press: