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FREE Oi! the Sampler Vol. 2 from Oi! the Boat OTB#Sampler2

Here it is! Volume 2 of our popular "Oi! the Sampler" digital album. Absolutely free! Download now!

Featuring 12 tracks of the best Street punk and Oi! from around the world. All songs come from current or upcoming Oi! the Boat vinyl releases.


1. Peter and the Test Tube Babies "Youth of Today"
2. Victory "Laced Up"
3. Hooligan "Cops and Robbers"
4. Stomper 98 "A Way of Life"
5. Cold Feelings "Older Now"
6. PennyCocks "Down the Underground"
7. Unit Six "DED"
8. The Old Firm Casuals "The Rabble"
9. Brassknuckle Boys "Manhoods Only Kings"
10. The Gestalts "Reckless Cheat"
11. Whiskey Rebels "America"
12. Noi!se "Coming Storm"

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Pressing Information

Digital only. All songs available or soon to be available on vinyl from Oi! the Boat (Victory and Cold Feelings will be making their vinyl debut with us soon.. so keep an eye out for that!)

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