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Cold Feelings "American Industry" LP OTB#19

All color vinyl SOLD OUT in the first few hours of preorder, but we still have some black 180gram vinyl left.

Entire record streaming at DYING SCENE  starting Feb 4! (

Sacto's newest-finest COLD FEELINGS, bring their fresh perspective to the American Punk Rock landscape with their debut LP 'AMERICAN INDUSTRY'. The record's content both musically and lyrically transcend generations of styles and experiences- "American Industry" is a concept record if economic decay, outsourcing, unemployment, and the crushing weight of unattainable goals are concepts to you--- otherwise this is just the sound of reality.

Featuring ex. Whiskey Rebels and current Monster Squad, Build Us Airplanes.

Pressing Information

250 total pressed 180 Gram Black 12" Vinyl
50 total pressed Purple Marble 12" Vinyl (heavy 165 gram!) SOLD OUT in the first few hours!!!
Heavyweight, 45 RPMs in yer face. Drums. Bass. Sounds great.

Release date Feb 22
Presale date Feb 8th (instant download included and available as soon as you preorder!)