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Peter & the Test Tube Babies / Pennycocks split 7" SOLD OUT OTB#15

Brand new split 7" from Oi! the Boat Records.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies need no introduction and, here, they have laid down 2 songs that many (including our very own Old Firm Casuals- and Rancid-frontman- Lars Frederiksen) are calling the Test Tubes best work since emerging from Peacehaven England back in 1978.

The Pennycocks exploded on to the scene from Barcelona Spain with their 2010 EP on Common People Records that quickly sold out, got repressed, sold out again and became nearly impossible to find before most had even heard the band! Their snappy and exceedingly well written songs bring to mind pure 77 punk with a bit of a mod-revival feel. Presented here on their debut US release (as a split with PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES, nonetheless!) are 2 brand new tracks to whet your appetite for their upcoming debut LP planned later on in 2012. I can't stress enough how great this band is!

Available in limited Red, White and Black vinyl. Get the download version instantly upon checkout with your vinyl order! Release date April 13 (Friday) 2012.

Pressing Information

150 on red vinyl. 150 on white vinyl. 200 on black vinyl.

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