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7" 'Better Tomorrow" w/ Noi!se, Sydney Ducks, Broadsiders, Razors in the Night

VARIOUS ARTISTS: "A Better Tomorrow" 7"
(white vinyl)

from the label:
This is a 4-song EP featuring 4 current bands that are the cream of the crop of the new style of American Oi! With influences far more rooted into the history of British (COCKSPARRER, COCKNEY REJECTS, THE BUSINESS, etc.) rather than the past generations of US Oi! bands. There is still that US hardcore influence though, which gives US Oi! bands such a distinct sound, so you can still expect 4 songs that pack a punch by NOI!SE (Seattle/Tacoma), RAZORS IN THE NIGHT (Boston), THE BROADSIDERS (Dallas) and SYDNEY DUCKS (San Francisco). This release features artwork and layout by Muna.

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