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Stamford Bridge / Bastards Choir split 7" (templars) OTB#4

Only 550 pressed on this round... In 3 Random colors! Instant download included upon checkout. Listen to your mp3s now while waiting for the vinyl in the mail!

Here's the promo vid from the first pressing:

Pressing Information

2nd pressing 2011: Updated cover (with color). Center label in black n blue. 550 pressed in random colors (about 300 light red, 150 gray, 100 light orangish)
1st pressing 2009: 90 in gold, some marbled, 10 grey with slight marbling, 1 trash marbled, 400 in black wax, all handnumbered, all with insert, yellow and black center label, 10 testpresses, 7 in black wax, 3 in black-grey marbled wax and different cover. Long sold out.