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MInivans-"Shake My Shakes Away" 7" OTB#8


OTB#8 Minivans "Shake My Shakes Away" 7"

300 made in black vinyl, 100 in Green vinyl both in Hand Screen Printed cover.

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6 tracks from this phenomenal frenzy inducing punk band from Indiana. This release has caused a ton of excitement with over 50 copies being reserved by locals nearly 2 months before we even started the preorder! To say this band is loved here in indiana is an understatement. Features previous/current members of Hudson Falcons, Boy Toys, Eric and the Happy Thoughts to name a few.

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What they're saying:
TERMINAL BOREDOM: Minivans "Shake My Shakes Away" 7"
The best band I've heard from the Lafayette crowd since The Mans. What happened to those fucking guys? Minivans are almost as trashy as those dudes were. No holds barred slop from members of Eric & The Happy Thoughts and Boy Toys, recorded by Richie Romance Novel, but not sounding like the AM-radio schtick of any of those outfits. Straight aggro-junk here folks. Garage-metal even. "Stray" is all fucking balls, maaaan. The riff'll slash yer face. "Come On Let's Go" is as simple and stupid as its title suggests. Outta control. "Southbound" kicks off Side B with style, showing off some chops underneath the noise. "Burn It Down" has a practically non-existent drum sound and Satanic guitar, I really think this is just a metal song in garage-punk clothing. Sick as death. You might want to say this sounds Rip Off-y, but Lowery would've never allowed riffage like this to slip through quality control. That's a compliment to Minivans, and no slight to Greg either. This takes garage-trash and sets it on fire. Scum stats: 500 copies total, 200 on green, 100 on gold with alt sleeve. With a big ol' insert probably pasted together during a heavy drinking session.(RK)
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