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Oxley's Midnight Runners "Invasion" 7"

Hot on the heels of their first 7", OXLEY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS clandestinely met in the dessert to bring you yet another shit-kicking Oi! 7"! Invasion comes at you with all of the power and bite of the first single, but also offers more of a rock'n'roll base with the first track exclamation "I'm a Runner" to the stand-alone clincher "Land of Gold." A must have for all true Oi! fans.

****Starts shipping February 24th, 2015!!!!!!

Midnight Runner
Abbas the Great
Land of Gold

This item isn't currently available.

Pressing Information

500 on Magenta Vinyl
500 Arizona flag (blue,red,orange,yellow) Vinyl


  1. Midnight Runner
  2. Abbas The Great
  3. Land Of Gold