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Bishops Green "Pressure" 12" LP

The sophomore offering from the Canadians that took the world by storm a few years ago. You wondered how BISHOPS GREEN could possibly follow their debut Maxi-EP? Well, ye of litle faith, put your worries to bed, cause this record is about to fuck em in a hard way. The fact that the record is called "Pressure" is like a not-so-subtle "fuck you" to any sense of anxiety that the title might suggest. I'm laughing about it too, this shit kills!

BTW- we have the gatefold 2nd press. It looks slick as hell.

01. Another Door
02. Gross And Net (album version)
03. Rat Race
04. Night Terror (album version)
05. Pressure
06. Vacant State
07. Tomorrow
08. Silence
09. Vengeance
10. Hell In A Handbag (feat. Lars Frederiksen)